Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Blog Updates

**UPDATE below**
Because Babies Grow Up is excited to announce a new look for the blog as well as a shift from Blogger to Wordpress. I'm doing this all on my own (with Brent's help) and hope the transition is smooth. I have spent countless hours searching, reading, downloading, uploading and the like to get it right.

As a result, there will be a few changes to look for that may need your attention.
  1. I will be offering an updated button to match the new look! If you have a button, please take a moment to update it to the new button.
  2. Also, I will be changing the feed to a Feedburner feed. If you subscribe to the blog, please re-subscribe using the new feed to continue to receive new posts in your favorite reader. If I've done this correctly, which I think I have!, this is the only time your feed should be interrupted. No matter what else I change or do this feed should work no matter what.
This change actually happened several months ago. I have been posting, reviewing and giving away all this time. I'm sorry if you missed out on some of the great things that happened at the end of last year, but 2010 promises to be full of more great things, so come on over and get settled into the new place :) It's cozy there so I hope you'll be comfortable.

In fact, don't miss the giveaway for Roger Day's new album: Why Does Gray Matter? ...and other brainy songs for kids! It's a catchy, clever album you'll not want to miss.
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