Friday, December 19, 2008

Musical Mondays: Rhythmic Development

Rhythmic development is a very informal category of child development. So informal, in fact, that I can probably claim that I made it up! But in all seriousness, music is a fun part of a child's life! Each Monday we will look at how to incorporate music, rhythm, dance, anything with a beat into your day. The point is to get moving and don't stop (until they crash at nap time!)

Here are some things to know about children and music:
  • Rhythm helps children understand the structure of words and sentences in language.
  • Moving to a beat helps children develop coordination and balance.
  • It's a great way to explore abstract concepts like feelings.
  • When words are set to music, they are easier to remember (Think of the ABC song)
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Martin said...

It's too late for me -- both my boys are long grown. But grandchildren are in the stars, so I'll be following your posts.

Vanessa said...

Fantastic, the only thing I had when I was a new mom was this will be fantastic!!!

Amber said...

Thanks Martin and Vanessa for your encouragement. I'm excited to pull these ideas and resources together in one place. I'll have to check out I haven't come across it before!

Stacey Kannenberg said...

I'm going to love the video segments because I'm a visual learner! Congratulations on a great site!
Smiles - Stacey

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