Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Favorite Posts so far

Since this blog is fairly new, any post I include in my list of favorites will seem recent to you. I am really enjoying this blog so it's a hard choice. But there are a few that stand out for me so far. These posts really capture for me the reasons I chose to start this particular blog. Enjoy!
  1. My New Campus is my absolute favorite. It was the first time I was able to capture my epiphany and the emotions of it in words. "I find myself in the pleasant predicament of living in the same area as my Alma mater. From time to time I run over to the campus for one reason or another. A couple of weeks ago I wanted to drop off some German and Bulgarian books (so they could find a better home) and took the girls with me." Read the full post here.
  2. A Slippery Fish has to be in this list as well. This is the first song that I learned after I started attending the library's Laptime program. It was the experience of not being able to remember the tune or all the words when I was home that led to my desire to have a video segment for Musical Mondays. See the video on the post here.
  3. Jumping. "Indoors or out, jumping is a fun activity for toddlers. Many times a day I hear my toddler's voice, 'Mommy, want to see how I can jump?' She's so enthusiastic about it every time that I can't help but join in with her energy and do a little jumping myself!" Read the full post here.
  4. Babbling is another where the purpose of this blog shines. It's not just about what kids learn, or how they develop. Rather it's seeing how the combination of physical changes, development and parent interaction all roll together to produce the little ones we love so much! Read the full post here.
  5. Board Books captures the love of reading so prevalent in our home. Sammi loves to read books with me, to me, to her dolls. She also loves to listen as I read chapter books aloud. Some of my favorite books and resources are in this post.


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