Friday, March 20, 2009

Physical Friday: Shape Sorters

A shape sorter, to me, represents childhood. It's one of the earliest toys I remember playing with. I like them because they bring together cognitive development as well as motor development. It takes brain power to match the shape with its hole and it takes motor skills to actually put the shape through the hole.

Shape sorters help little ones work on gross and fine motor skills. Picking up the shape and moving it to the sorter requires gross motor skills to move the whole are. Then, once the shape is at its hole, your little one must then rotate and manipulate the shape to get it to fit just right through the hole. This takes fine motor skills.

I feel strongly that every little one should have access to a shape sorter! There are so many companies producing a variety or styles of shape sorters so you're bound to find soemthing in your budget! Check out these shape sorters on


Amy @ Literacy Launchpad said...

Shape sorters are awesome. My son was given one as a Christmas gift. I like it, I just wish it didn't make so much noise. I usually leave it turned off, and we play with it without the sound. Why does a shape sorter need sound, anyway? Why does every toy on the market seem to make sounds now? It's a conspiracy with the battery companies I tell ya (giggle)!

Keri said...

my daughter LOVES her shape sorter- it was a cheap, spur of the moment Christmas gift (not as heavy duty as the tupperware ones) but she can't get enough of it. She also is obsessed with stacking cups- she will purposely try to put the cups together in the wrong order and say "no no no no no" until she get is right and she'll say "yesh!" it is the FUNNIEST thing to watch!
anyway- love your blog- i nominated you for a blog award- check out my blog for the details!!!

Elaine, Littlesheep Learning said...

Your photo makes me reminisce - We had one like that when we were children! We've got a lovely wooden one I got very cheap at an NCT NNS and it's fantastic.

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