Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Posh in Clover Review

At the beginning of May I had the chance to attend the Utah Valley Women's Expo. This is a great annual event where companies come to showcase their products and services. My birthday also happens to be at the beginning of May. I finagled a day to myself to explore the Expo. Even with a day all to myself, it's hard to take off the Mom hat!

I found myself drawn to children's products at every turn. My first purchase was an adorable tea set for the girls made from recycled milk jugs. It was a big hit. But my next find won my heart as a solution to an endless problem: eczema.

The company is Posh in Clover, which I love because it sounds luxurious but I don't actually know what it means. According to their About page, "All of our products are artistically crafted by hand using the finest natural ingredients. Our art studio, where our products are crafted, is filled with the raw ingredients we use to craft our products. We do not simply buy a base from wholesale companies and add scent to it. We are passionate about creating natural, cruelty-free spa products that are far beyond the ordinary. Every ingredient we use to create our products has been carefully chosen based upon how it will benefit you. We pride ourselves on using luxurious ingredients that make our products stand out from the crowd and leave the least environmental impact."

Posh in Clover carries two lines I was particularly interested in: Mother & Baby and Kids. I decided to get the spa soap, whipped butter cream, and bubbling bath bomb to try on the girls hoping that it would help Sammi's eczema. Let me back up just a bit. When deciding between the spa soap and the wash, I was leery of the soap because it was so big-twice the size of a regular bar of soap. I wasn't sure how to handle such a large bar of soap and not have it get ruined in the shower. I was hesitating and the gal in the booth said she uses a butter knife to cut off a slice of the soap. That way it fits perfectly in a child's hand and helps the soap last longer. Immediately I could sense Sammi's independence rejoicing at having control of the soap as she washed herself. I was sold.

I brought home the new products and endured Brent chuckling at me since I spent my birthday money on things for the girls. I was excited for bath time and that was enough for me! Sammi was intrigued by my cutting the soap with a knife. And, as I had suspected, relished in holding the soap herself. I love the scent of the soap and the way the girls smell after the bath. Then we tried out the whipped butter cream. Sammi has been rather resistant to lotions after the Eucerin stung her skin so badly. But I let her scoop some out of the tub and apply it herself and she was game. The cream smells like an orangesicle in a light, summery kind of way.

What I noticed first thing the next day was that Sammi's skin was so soft. It felt like silky baby skin again. She hasn't had soft baby skin since she was 5 or 6 months old when the eczema started to flare constantly. She still had some rough patches but the overall feel of her skin was soft and smooth. I am happy to see such quick results. I have tried a lot, a lot of products and this is the first that I have seen such a dramatic improvement in such a short time.

The bath bomb was a big hit too with both the girls. It's made of Dead Sea and Peruvian salts along with a host of other natural ingredients that work wonders on the skin. It dissolves into bubbles under running water. Sammi had fun holding it under the tap and feeling the bath bomb dissolve in her hand.

I now use the baby spa soap for myself and always rub a little extra cream into the back of my hands after their baths. My hands feel soft and even look younger. I'm so happy! No more cracked and bleeding knuckles. I love this company and its products.

If you're interested in trying Posh in Clover out for yourself, you can save 15% by entering the code "posh15" at checkout. Enjoy!


FishMama said...

So far I'm using a Rx oil (dermasmoothe) for FishBaby's extreme eczema. Eucerin ate. her. alive. So, I've been hesitant to use anything else. You've got me curious, now.

Caroline said...

I am not sure if my comment went through! I am new here and am going to retype this for you if it did not work. Caroline

Caroline said...

Okay- looks as though it did not work the first time. Bummer. I wanted to share with you our son's story of Eczema in hopes that maybe it will help your Sammi. This comment will be shortened though since I already typed a novel! Our son had severe allergies and Eczema since he was a baby and nothing at all seemed to help him. Doctors kept treating his symptoms with potent prescriptions (including steorids-BAD) His body became steroid dependent at three and he started looking and feeling so ill. It was a scary and difficult time for our whole family. He was hardly able to eat anything without flaring up from it, and soon his elimination diet took him down to chicken, peas and rice. Our poor boy was so sad and miserable from this. Creams always seemed to burn and all we could do was oatmeal baths or baking soda baths to help. To shorten the story a bit...someone told us about a kids chewable probiotic from Vidazorb and we tried it. It has changed our life...his life! We prayed and prayed for something to help him, and this has really worked. He can now eat lots of things and looks and feels so much better! I truly believe Eczema can be helped through the gut. I have read lots of research on this too and it looks so promising!!! I wanted to share this with you in hopes that it may help your Sammi!! Let me know if you have any questions :) Caroline (smilinggreenmom *tweet me!)

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