Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thinking Thursday: Emergent Literacy #2

Emergent Literacy #1: Print Motivation
Emergent Literacy #2: Print Awareness
Emergent Literacy #3: Letter Knowledge
Emergent Literacy #4: Vocabulary
Emergent Literacy #5: Phonological Awareness
Emergent Literacy #6: Narrative Skills

Kindergartners are asked to identify the front and back of a book, the title page, the difference between a letter and a word, right-side up from upside down, among other things. How do they learn all that? Through experience with books!

Pre-Readng Skill #2
Print Awareness

Print Awareness means knowing how a book works and being able to recognize print. There are many things we can do to help our little ones become aware of print. They range from formal instruction to silly games! Here are a few:
  • Always read the title page! I was surprised this is something kindergartners are expected to know. I did this with one of Sammi's books. Now every time we read The House That Jack Built she adds in "Simms Taback" who is the illustrator.
  • Use your finger to underline the words you are reading. This helps little ones realize the words you're saying come from the print on the page, not the pictures.
  • Hold the book upside down and begin to read. It's so fun to see little ones flip out because it's not right! Look for them to turn books right-side up when they are exploring books on their own.
  • Read anything you come across: cereal boxes, street signs, clothing labels. Point at the words as you read them and talk about them.
  • Do letter scavenger hunts. We always look for and find the letter "S" because it's the first letter in Sammi's name.


Cathy said...

FANTASTIC post! Thanks for all of the ideas. I put a link to your blog post here!

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