Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Review: Bingo by Eeboo

We had a lovely Mother's Day yesterday. We spent most of it in Kaysville at my in-laws. I love going there because I always get a nap! Grandma has plenty of toys to entertain Sammi (although she spent at least an hour on Grandpa's hair, spraying it with water and combing it) and there are plenty of people to hold and entertain Elli so I always get a little break. And to me, that was the perfect Mother's Day.

There was one toy, that was worth waking up from my nap to play with Sammi. It was a Bingo game by Eeboo. Each player's card had pictures centered around a theme: nature, animals, clothing. Then, in a bag are little tiles to draw. Each tile matches one picture on one player's card. Whoever fills their card first wins! We passed the bag around and took turns drawing tiles out. Sammi loved the level of participation and I was impressed with how quickly she could find matches among so many choices.

All of the illustrations used in Eeboo toys are original and from beloved children's book illustrators. The game was sturdy and vibrant. A combination I appreciate in toys for little ones. After browsing through all their games and writing accessories I have quite the wish list.

They have some really cool preschool games of matching and dominoes. These types of games are great for preschoolers. They are so engaged in the game while they are expanding their attention span, practicing cognitive skills like attention to detail and memory, and learning how to follow rules. And all while they are having fun and not even aware of the progress they are making in their development!


Amber! said...

I am glad you had a great day! Sorry it's taken me this long to look you up....it was fun meeting you at the peace gardens.

Kristin said...

I wish you weren't moving and I wish you were starting a preschool...

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