Sunday, May 10, 2009

To All My Mothers

Here is a tribute to the women in my life I am fortunate enough to call Mom.

To my mom who raised me so lovingly and continues to help me grow up.

To my step-mom who has truly been a mom for me, always loving and supporting me.

To my mother-in-law whose wisdom and generosity know no bounds.

To my grandmothers who are dear friends, not just relatives.

And here's to my two darling girls who, in calling me Mom, melt my heart everyday.

As women we bond, we share, we nurture, we love. We consistently find ourselves connecting with those around us. Today is a day to celebrate those women who nurture, those women who care and those women we love.

Today I'm also grateful for Brent who has worked hard to make today special for me. After I got up this morning he snuck my presents and cards from the girls onto my pillow.
He was also pretty sneaky about the present he got me. He had to talk me out of getting it myself because I was headed down to Goldsmith Jewelers on Friday to pick it up with my birthday money. Fortunately he was able to delay my plans until Monday without raising any suspicion.
I got my two little girls! I fell in love with these charms at the blogger event I attended at the end of April. I'm so happy to have them on my bracelet. Here's my bracelet to-date.

Happy Mother's Day! My hope is that each woman believes the difference she makes in another's life as she serves, befriends and loves. Each act matters. It really matters.


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