Sunday, April 19, 2009

8 Is Enough Tag Game

I've been tagged by Princess Mommy of Princess with a Half Price Tiara to play "8 is enough" Here you go:

8 Things I am Looking Forward To
  • Days at the park
  • Picnic dinners with Daddy
  • My birthday (just 2 weeks away!)
  • Summer swimming
  • Moving to Tennessee (but not to losing Brent to medical school)
  • Finishing Cap'n Billy "The Butcher" MacDougall's Guide to Pirate Parenting
  • Getting a Wii Fit (for my birthday, please!)
  • Living in a house with a yard
8 Things I Did Yesterday
  • Ate Ben & Jerry's ice cream
  • Drove to the airport, twice
  • Visited with a dear friend
  • Did laundry at said friend's house
  • Took a nap
  • Played Mario Kart on Wii
  • Sat at the airport
  • Flew home
8 Things I Wish I Could Do
  • Love to clean
  • Love to exercise
  • Have the stamina to grocery shop at several different stores to find the best deals
  • Acquire a new wardrobe without the hassle of trying on clothes and then paying for them
  • Play board games with my husband every night and still get everything else done
  • Get everything done
  • Get and stay organized
  • Have a massage and spa day
8 Shows I Watch
  • The Biggest Loser
  • Monk
  • Psych
  • Numbers
  • Iron Chef America
  • Chopped
  • House Hunters
  • Hidden Potential
I'm opting out of tagging more people to play along. If you would just love to post your lists of 8, please do and tell us about it. Have a great week!


Jean-Marie said...

Great list, I love it!!! The pirate parenting book sounds real funny. Did you find a house in Tennessee? I want a Wii Fit also - I hope you get one for your birthday.

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