Wednesday, April 1, 2009

More April Fool's Day Fun!

Something else you should probably know about me: I'm a linguist. I received a master's in Applied Linguistics from the University of Utah in 2005. (That's not the joke! Wait for it... Wait for it...) This is a little exercise in morphology if any of you are interested! Virtual High 5s and hugs all around for those who get it!

(Now this is the joke)

mato buol "your mother runs"
baku keol "his dog eats"
matil seol "my mother plays"
bua "I run"
bue "you run"
apro buol "your father runs"
see "you play"
bakil seol "my dog plays"
kea "I eat"
apru keol "his father eats"
matu buol "his mother runs"
foa "I walk"
foe "you walk"
bako buol "your dog runs"

How would you say "My father walks"?


Melody said...

april fool! ha ha. very nice activity.

Amber! said...

Ha ha ha ha!!!!I totally took this serious! You have a darling blog. I think I just might begin to blog stalk you if you are fine with that! :) said...

Took me a few minutes but very funny and clever.

shaylyn said...

Oh, is it a joke? I don't get it!

Kristin said...

I didn't know you were a linguist. If David weren't a composer, that's what he'd want to do.

Amber said...

I'm glad you all enjoyed it!

Of course, the answer is "april fool" because "apr" means father; "il" means my; "fo" means walk; "ol" makes the verb match the subject "he."

I neglected to mention that I did not create this activity. It was sent to me in an email from a professor at the University of Utah. I also forgot to explain that it's a made up language.

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