Monday, April 6, 2009

Musical Monday: Silly Pizza Song

I love the blogging community more and more each week. I had so much fun with the Ultimate Blog Party and all the new blogs I discovered there (and was discovered by!) The reaching out, making connections and sharing ideas matches my social butterfly personality so well.

I mention this because this past week I had the chance to connect with Princess Mommy from Princess With a Half Price Tiara in her quest to re-find THE cutest shape song. We finally found it over at If Only I Had Super Powers. You've got to check out their version of The Silly Pizza Song adapted to practicing shapes. Then go check out Princess Mommy's post with resources for making your own pizza and shapes.

Here's the original song from Signing Time.


Princess Mommy said...

Thanks for the link Amber - I could have never done the post without you!!! My kids are loving it!

Jonathan Jay said...

My name is Jonathan, i'm 15 and I came to your blog from Princess Mommy who commented on my dads earlier. She mentioned your Musical Monday which intrigued me because I love music and am always looking for fun ways to blog on my personal blog [or on my dad's] so I was leavng a comment to ask you if you have any details on Musical it just sharing a song or is is a specific song?
Sorry probably a silly question but I just like to check on these things.

Hope you have a great day!


Amber said...

Princess Mommy- I'm glad you asked about it. Its been a fun morning here singing it!

Jonathan Jay- On Musical Mondays I share a song, in video form, that we love to sing at our house. They are basically little kids songs, but we also talk about developing music awareness and rhythm and language skills in children. you're more than welcome to add Musical Monday to your blog(s) I'd love to see what songs you share! Oh, and my philosophy: No such thing as a silly question! They are all welcome.

Kris said...

My 2 year old little girl loved watching this today! Thanks for sharing!

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