Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thinking Thursday: Countries and Flags

"Salt Lake"

Name this country

These are just words like "cup" "ball" or "car" except they have no concrete physical existence than can be held or manipulated. I am amazed that Sammi has demonstrated an understanding of these words. She seems to know what is close and what is far from us, why the places are important for one reason or another.

She is particularly fond of California as she and my mom have planned several trips to the beach for when Sammi is bigger. She also talks about Tennessee a lot since we'll be moving there at the end of June. She's not so fond of home! She usually tries to talk me into a trip to the park or one more errand when we're on our way home.

In conjunction with our World Music Premier Playdate, we had a fun craft to introduce the kids to the different countries. We made flags out of consruction paper and cardstock. It was super easy and turned out fabulously! There are so many flags that are made of just strips of colors. I chose a few and cut out strips of red, blue, green and orange. I did some to make horizontal stripes and some to make vertical stripes. From those four colors we were able to make flags for Austria, Russia, India, Ireland, France, and Italy. We glued the strips onto white cardstock since white was a color in each of the flags.

The kids loved this craft because they could use the glue stick and put the stipes on all by themselves. The blue circle for the flag of India was used in almost every flag regardless of the actual country!


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