Monday, January 26, 2009

Musical Monday: A Slippery Fish

After hearing this song for the first time, I realized I needed an online resource where I could go listen again and again to new songs. It's part of what's inspired this blog! This is one of Sammi's favorites. We learned it at the library during laptime. She was barely a year old and she'd do the actions just well enough that I knew what song she wanted. I was so frustrated at first because I couldn't remember the tune or all the words. Every time we went to the library I hoped that the teller would sing it again. After a several weeks I had heard it enough that I could finally sing it at home with Sammi. She was so happy.

Actions to songs are great for pre-speakers. Through the actions they are able to communicate their thoughts and wishes before they are able to tell us with words. Sometimes it takes more attention and practice to understand what our children want when they can't just say it, but it's worth the time to reinforce familiar actions with specific outcomes.

In the same vein, many people chose to teach their children simple sign language as a way to communicate before spoken words appear. Here are a couple of great sites for using signs with your baby: Signing Time and Sign Babies.


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