Saturday, January 24, 2009

Operation Playtime Day 5 Painting

Today's Operation Playtime activity comes from Amy at Let's Explore. She suggested a painting activity using kitchen gadgets and utensils as paintbrushes. Sammi is ALWAYS ready to paint so I thought this would be fantastic. And it was!

I put butcher paper over the table so we could be messy and then I put the kitchen gadgets in the middle of the table. Sammi climbed right up, grabbed the whisk and announced she'd use "this" to paint with. I didn't really remember telling her yet that we were going to paint! But I guess all the signs were there.
I put out three colors: red, blue and yellow. I added a little water to thin them out so they'd last longer and it'd be easier to coat the utensils with. But I think I added to much water because we mostly got blobs of paint at the beginning. But once we got going we developed some technique and enjoyed the project very much.


ibeeeg said...

I like the idea of covering the table with butcher paper. Probably stayed on the table far better than my newspaper.

Using kitchen tools instead of paintbrushes was a blast for my kids. Looks like your kiddo was having fun.

Melitsa said...

Primary colours are the theme today. lol. Tenkidsandadog tried a fingerpainting recipe. I like how she didn't waste a moment once she saw the paint out.

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