Monday, January 12, 2009

Musical Monday: Welcome Song

Will you stand up and let me see your smile? This line from the Welcome Song gets my toddler moving and grinning every time! No matter where we are, how close to a meltdown she is or how uncooperative she's being, if I start singing this tune, she jumps up, runs around smiling and becomes rather compliant. While not the purpose of the song, it is a much appreciated benefit.

We were first introduced to this song at a play group. All the children sit in a circle. The leader begins with one child, using their name, to start the song. For example, "Sammi, will you stand up and let us see your smile?" The child stands up and shows their smile to the group. After the verse is over, the leader moves to the next child in the circle and so on until all of the children have had a turn. It's a great way to help all the children (and most parents, too) remember or learn the names of all the children in the play group. I really like it because it involves all the children. New children aren't singled out, which can be uncomfortable for some, and returning children aren't left out, which doesn't sit well with some (mine, in particular!)

The group of children Sammi usually sings this with have developed their own tradition around the song. When it is a child's turn, tha child not only stands up and smiles, but also runs around the circle trying to return to their original spot before their turn is over. In the video you'll notice Sammi take off and then return. Enjoy the video. The words follow.

Welcome Song
Name, will you stand up
and let us see your smile?
We're glad you're here today,
won't you stay awhile.

When to sing the Welcome Song
  • At the beginning of a play group
  • At home with all your stuffed animals and dolls each taking a turn
  • When you need your child to stand up and they are not cooperating
  • Anytime you need to calm or distract a frustrated child
Don't forget to include yourself in the song! You deserve a chance to smile and run around the room, too. The melody of this song is so upbeat and bright that it almost instantly dispels any dark moods in our house. Let it works its magic in yours.


Vanessa said...

I am loving your videos!!

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