Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tuesday Review: Car Seat ID Card

I love a "good mail" day! Just the other day I opened my mailbox to find an extra intriguing treat. From My Precious Kid I received a Car Seat ID Card. I first learned of My Precious Kid through Twitter and was curious about the car set ID card.

The ID card was accompanied by an explanation card highlighting the features of a car seat ID card. I had never before considered the need for a medical release in case of an accident where I am left unable to verbally give permission for my children to receive medical treatment. The card also includes space for medical history, allergy information and emergency contact names and numbers. I am amazed that so much information fits so compactly in a business-card-sized ID card. I am even more impressed that it is easy to read and, while bursting with information, is not cluttered.

While browsing the My Precious Kid website, I found a few other safety accessories that I really like, especially as the mom of a toddler! First is a child locator: child holds the locator receiver and the parent holds the transmitter. With the push of a button the parent's transmitter causes the receiver to chirp and reveal the location of an out-of-sight child. The other item that caught my attention is a disposable ID bracelet. You write family contact information on the bracelet worn by child, baby or adult during an outing and then it can be cut off and thrown away. There are so many ways to keep your kids safe through identification; there's bound to be something for every preference!

On a personal note, I am really enjoying My Precious Kid's Kay Green's article on Potty Training 101. I've already done pretty much everything on the "before you start" list. I've been afraid of diving in full force, but I think I'm ready to take the plunge. Thanks for such great advice!


femminismo said...

The emergency information and medical release sound like a great idea and what a handy place to stick it: on the car seat. The child is usually always in his/her seat - whichever car he/she is in - so it's always available. I've got a tattered little note in my makeup bag for my two granddaughters. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Sorry you didn't win the scarf. - jeanne in Oregon

Amber said...

Jeanne- I was sorry too because it was a COLD week! I never thought of grandparents needing that release. Gonna get a few more cards to sign and pass out!

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