Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thinking Thursday: Hand Hand Fingers Thumb

One thumb, one thumb drumming on a drum!I have fond memories from my early early childhood of reading this book with my mom. My favorite page says "Hand picks an apple; Hand picks a plum." I remember my mom holding my hand and pretending to pick an apple or plum out of a tree. I bought this book in college and waited (and waited) anxiously for my own children to share it with them.

When Sammi was under a year but enjoying books I decided to introduce it to her. My precious childhood memory. In true fashion, she got excited about the book and then proceeded to rip a corner off from my favorite page. I learned two things. 1: She wasn't quite ready for non-board books and 2: Books, clothes, glasses are all just things that I can either make do with or replace. I sadly put the book away and waited again.

A while back I reintroduced the book with much success. We talked about our hands, fingers and thumbs. We also practiced drumming on our tummies. The rhythmic flow of the book is engaging and Sammi asked for it again and again. Finally, the experience I had envisioned and waited so long to see happen happened! Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb by Al Perkins is a favorite in our house.

This post kicks off a series incorporating this book into cognitive, physical and rhythmic development. I suggest visiting the library or a local bookstore to find this treasure. Join us tomorrow as we make drums to use with the book!

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Ahhh, this is my family's favorite too. I have to say that I do enjoy reading it over and over. Your post made me smile as I "Pick" an apple with my boys too!

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