Saturday, January 31, 2009


I've been inspired by Melitsa over at Play Activities with her 12 days of unplugged playtime with our kids. We have had so much fun, even though we haven't posted every day's activities.

But it's gotten me thinking. I love this blog and the few others I also have, and enjoy reading so many funny and talented blogs. I spend an awful lot of time in front of the computer. My 5 month old already insists on typing on the keyboard if she's on my lap and my toddler has been heard to say, "I've gotta blog about that!" With all this time spent online, I'm realizing a few things around the house are being neglected, my desk for instance!

So, in an effort to re-prioritize (that's what the new year's all about, right?) I'm unplugging for 2 weeks to get things IRL under control so I can have a healthy balance of Internet and family time combined with a clean house and yummy yummy dinners.

I WILL still have regular post on Musical Monday, Thinking Thursday and Physical Friday (thank you Blogger for the ability to schedule posts in advance!) so I'll be with you in spirit! I won't, however, be able to respond to any comments. But by all means, leave them so I have something fun to do when I come back! I love reading all the comments and visiting your blogs.

I'll be back February 16 and look forward to catching up with you all. Until then, enjoy the new posts and enjoy a little unplugged play in your own homes, too!


Adventures With Kati Ann said...

good for you! it is always good to take moments to step back and evaluate how things are and how we want them to be. i love reading your blog for ideas about how to be more "unplugged"

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