Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thinking Thursday: Sorting by Color

Color identification is one of the core abilities we anxiously wait to see emerge in toddlers and preschoolers. According to Sandra Anselmo learning colors can be reinforced through four steps: adult repeating color names; recognizing colors when asked to identify (the blue crayon); naming colors of objects; matching like colors. Today's activity focuses on the fourth step: matching.

Color Sorting Activity
Materials: empty egg carton (for a dozen eggs), bowl, Fruit Loop type cereal
Set-up: Place one color of loop in each egg spot across the top row; Pour cereal into bowl
Play: Invite child to sort the cereal by color. Place matching-colored loops in egg spot below original loop. Play until all loops are sorted (or eaten!) Once activity is completed, enjoy your snack.

When I asked our pediatrician about knowing colors, he said that he does not ask if a child knows colors (or counting) until the 4 year old check-up. Bottom-line: color games are fun and help reinforce developing knowledge and skills, but don't expect perfection from your kids.


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